Twin brothers use technology to transform Uganda

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In today’s globalized world, technology is an increasingly significant tool in improving and sustaining businesses. With the introduction of smartphones, cheaper computer brands and the influx of telephone companies, an estimated one million Ugandans have access to computers. This number could be higher but with poor and inadequate infrastructures, some people, especially in rural areas, are still struggling to have access to personal technology devices and the Internet. However, due to the presence and growth of a diverse private sector, which sparks competition and creativity, Uganda is making progress in advancing technology. With access to information, communication and technology, there is a positive shift in how small, medium-sized, and large-scale businesses are conducted in Uganda. Uganda Christian University alumnus Andrew Kato, with his twin brother Samuel Kakuru, are representative of this shift. They are co-founders of a company called The Wit Limited, which uses technology-based solutions to transform all forms of businesses in Uganda. Uganda Christian University Partners spoke with Andrew Kato to understand the role of his company. Read more about the story By Brendah Ndagire


Tech talk

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Tech talk in Shuuku Vocational School

It was such an inspiring moment with the young high school students in Sheema District during a Tech talk workshop. We were profoundly honored to share with the youth about whats transpiring with in the Technology world.

The session began with a movie that later ushered us into a moment of free interaction, it was really very amazing especially having known that most of the students are very positive toward the impact of technology generally.

Mr Kakulu addressing students
Students giving out their views

BSU Techtalk

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The Wit Limited- A computer and business solutions company together with the administration, organized a workshop with the Theme,

“Preparing for the 4 the Industrial revolution through inclusive IT innovations and Entrepreneurship’’.

The workshop was intended to motivate, inspire and build confidence of students to utilize their talents and acquired skills optimally in the areas of entrepreneurship and technology especially in this changing world due to internet and technology.


  •  Techonopreneurship skills. The youth will be prepared on how they can choose entrepreneurship and self-employment as a long career goal especially if it is in line with their ambitions and passion.
  • Financial literacy Education. That will include learning how to save, invest and budgeting and building sustainable income.
  • Developing people skills. This includes; Communication skills, Empathy, connection, patience, sense of humor, team work, Tolerance and presentation skills.
  • Work skills, finding employment, creating winning CVs and cover letters. Simulations of Interview sessions can also be applied here.
  • Aligning our career goals with the future of employment, Information Technology and business; the fourth industrial revolution and the future of work.

The model of content delivery

You Tube videos, Group activities, Entertainment, and real life illustrations will be used to deliver powerful presentations to the youth that will attend the workshop.

We targeted Students of IT, Computer science and Business Studies and the general public

Some of the Presenters


Andrew holds a First Class Honors Bachelors Degree in Business Computing from Uganda Christian University-Mukono (2015). He is passionate at using technology to change the world of Business.

He is a banker, leader and entrepreneur with work experience in the banking sector (3 years) at Eco bank, and Uganda Christian University as Learning commons Student Assistant.  Andrew is a co-founder of THE WIT and is responsible for strategic direction and governance.


Samuel holds a First Class Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computing from Uganda

Christian University-Mukono (2016). He also holds Certificate in computerized Data Analysis from The Institute Of Banking and a certificate in Computerized Accounting from the same institution.


Kakoba Collage Institute Tech talk

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The talk was an amazing one where a number of youths had to show up their positive interests towards technology. The session was of about four hours and later the youth had to raise their views on what they had learnt during the session.

Topic discussed;

  • Financial Management skills
  • The fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Working skills
  • Integration of IT with the day today running activities
  • Emotional intelligence
Different groups of other participants also trying it out
Attendees enjoying the moment
Participants learning how competitive the world is
Attendees enjoying the presentation