Computerized security and camera systems

The Wit Limited are your trusted suppliers of CCTV cameras and systems to enhance your home and business premises security. Car tracking systems are also inclusive of our package that will intend to provide on our menu of security services.


Fire alarm system.

This system helps you Detect fire breakout, in  your home or business premises. This is suitable for offices, warehouses, homesteads  homes, supermarkets. A fire alarm system is recommended  for safety purposes since fire outbreaks/instances will be detected early and controlled there by averting loss of property.

Indoor, outdoor security Alarm systems.

With this system, you will be able to detect and control your area of operation, it is therefore not limited to i.e. (offices, warehouses, banks, homesteads, supermarkets),This system is run on either remote control or manual depending on operating systems installed.

Security camera system.

The cameras will guarantee safety of your area, these are installed in areas not limited to (offices, warehouses, banks, homesteads, supermarkets). A client will be able to choose to monitor his/her premises remotely or manually. They can be installed outside or inside buildings.

Car tracking and monitoring.

These are devices installed on vehicles to give a 24/7-hour monitoring and control by the owner or a third party.

These guarantee full time security of goods on transit or the vehicle itself.