Computerized Accounting training

The Wit understands the shift in accounting practices from manual to Computerized Accounting. Business people who have not been in any accounting class battle with accounting issues on a daily basis. For example, they need to understand who their top clients are and their contacts, the most selling goods/services and when, Inventory/stock value at any time, their periodic expenses and incomes, among others.

Therefore through our computerized accounting training, The Wit focuses on most popular off shelf accounting software Tally and QuickBooks which we train to our clients. The training is focused on the individual needs and capabilities and is very flexible. Within a period of less than 2 months, one is expected to have gained proficiency in using the chosen software.

Excel modeling can also be applied to create a flexible spreadsheets one can use to monitor his/her stock, and track his/her incomes and expenditure. This is also trained at The Wit.