Under this service, we deliver hands-on training in different computing areas such as, Microsoft office applications, and professional trainings in computerized accounting such as Quick books and Tally, statistical data entry and analysis such as STATA, SPSS, Manitab, EpiData and EpiInfo. We allow you choose your area of interest and take you through until your achieve the competence in a period of approximately 1 month.  Our training schedules are very flexible in that you can chose the early morning session, mid-morning session, afternoon session and late evening session in case you want to acquire a skill after work. We also have special arrangements for weekend sessions. Other special arrangements can be made by institutions to train from their work place or individuals at their homes. Though we keep it professional and is subject to our quality assurance procedures.

Computer practical training session

Entrepreneurship business Training Services


Computers and accessories supplies

We supply computers in all brands that is; Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Asus. These computers are either brand new on furbished. We are there to easy your business processes by allowing you a chance to employ technology by buying from us affordable computes that will serve your intended purposes.

Website design and customized system development

We design customized dynamic websites and content management systems. These we also host them for our clients. Customized system can also be developed to meet information needs for our clients. These include school management systems, supermarkets, and organizations.

Entrepreneurship Business Training Service

We offer trainings that address gaps in core business functions such as customer service, sales and marketing, financial management and book keeping. We also offer training and mentorship for startups and entrepreneurship clubs. We also provide Information technology and business consultancy. We offer advisory services to Organizations on how best they can use technology to increase their competitive advantage and efficiently and effectively achieve their business objectives

Business process outsourcing.

We intend to work with other service providers to provide an interface that will facilitate smooth running of the businesses. We have raised a capable human capital that we intend to continue growing that can be outsourced by our client organizations. When we train people that achieve competence in core business process, then why not deploy them to be chance agents. Everyone that trains with us is competent enough to transform the way how business is done, using digital marketing, or employ IT in business.