Computers and accessories supply

We supply new and refurbished computers (laptops and desktops) in all brands according to our client’s request. Popular brands we deal in include; Lenovo, Dell,HP, Toshiba, Asus

Hard ware repair and maintenance.

We do hardware repairs of different computer components at favourable prices.we ensure integrity and safety of our clients components especially when it comes to hard ware issues. We also offer hardware maintenance and support services to our clients. These services are  intended to improve performance and prevent future damage and loss of information.

Computer networking & Internet

We do network connections(Local Area Network) for institutions to allow resource sharing and internet. We do survey, purchase of networking equipment as well as implementation of a full network infrastructure at affordable prices.

Software vending

We sell different computer software like computerized accounting packages, Operating Systems, anti virus softwares, statistical packages among others.