Software vending

We sell different computer software like computerized accounting software packages. we also offer support towards their time of being updated. In addition, we sell Operating Systems from Windows XP version to the latest Versions of Windows 10 and make sure that they are up and running. We install and help in updating the anti virus softwares for our clients. some the available anti virus packages that we have, they include; Kaspersky, Avast and many others. We also install most popular Operating systems, and make sure that they are up and running.

Hard ware repair and maintenance.

we do hard ware repairs of different computer components at favorable prices, and on top of that we ensure integrity and safety of our clients components especially when it comes to hard ware issues.

We offer hardware maintenance and support services for our clients. These services are to improve performance and prevent future damage and loss of information

Computer networking

Computer networking connections.We do network connections both wired and wireless for organizations.