Africa Code week (ACW)

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Our team made it possible to take Africa Code week program in western region of Uganda. This program run from 1st October – 12th October 2019, where six(6) schools participated and 662 students were trained. Students were introduced to basic programming using scratch. At the end of it all they learnt how to create animations, games, creative stories and conversations among others. In addition to the knowledge they gained, they developed skills such as:

  • Problem-solving – Using scratch, students were able to use math concepts in realistic settings, debug errors, reflect upon and evaluate their work

  • Expression and communication – During this program, students were grouped together where they discussed, explained and presented the projects to each other

  • Reasoning – students would reason systematically to implement, test and complete their own ideas/projects

  • Implementation – students would use the appropriate scratch codes to create solutions / tasks

We would like to thank the following schools for their participation and support in the implementation of ACW program.

  1. Shuuku Vocational Secondary school
  2. Ryakasinga Centre for Higher Education
  3. Mbarara Municipal school
  4. St. Paul Biharwe High school
  5. Pearl Junior school
  6. Bugongi Millennium secondary school


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We are an IT company located in Mbarara District Uganda, we offer a number of services what include; Training in computerized accounting Microsoft office packages training Industrial training Data analysis Security systems and Camera installations
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  1. ak  October 21, 2019

    That’s so impressive, well done

    • martin  January 8, 2020

      great environment to learn

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